Healthy Communication Looks Like:

- here-and-now honesty

- an invitation for deeper connection

- doing your best to be your authetic self

- talking about your discomforts, fears, and desires

- aligning your inner world with your outer world

- having a honest, no-nonsense presence

- practicing to not discount our or their thoughts or feelings

- sharing your own mess


But even knowing the above, Should I tell her? Will he listen?

We’ve all been there. The point of no return. Knowing you feel a certain way because of a certain thing that deals with a certain someone. Annnd if you were to share it and feel supported in return!! 🤩🥳🥰

There is an incredible power in hearing yourself voice raw feelings to another person. There is exponential healing when you are heard and supported in return.

Is the risk of rejection worth the reward for deeper connection? Do I resolve it on my own or is secret-keeping driven by shame?

Bottom line, who you open up to is a choice. And whether the receiver will listen is not for you chose. But when you do decide to embrace vulnerability and risk judgment, there is an incredible power in hearing your realness and rawness. The more you practice, the more you learn. Not only about yourself and but also about the person on the receiving end. Because if you are met with dismissive or insensitive remarks or attitudes, it may indicate that person is unable or unwilling to set their agendas aside for you. Sometimes this happens. You have a few options.

Take some time away from the situation to clear your mind


Talk about it with the person when you both are open


Talk about it with a friend or family member who leaves you feeling seen and heard


Learn about open communication together or separately


Seek professional help individually, as a couple, or in family


Discuss your need for a pause or ending in the relationship.


And always continue on your self-care journey 🌱🌞

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