True Love- Fact or Fallacy?

Does true love exist or does love become true? Do we stumble across true love or is it something we cultivate, something we learn? Is true love sealed with a kiss, or is love an art that takes a lifetime of practice?

One thing is certain, we all carry a mixed bag of love lessons. Some ideas on “true love” are helpful, some are hurtful.

Now, if you experience self-silencing, resentment, depression, anxiety, or loss of self, you may need to revise how you think about love or what you expect from love.

Take a pause and ask yourself ...

1) What is love?

2) Am I loving toward myself?

3) Am I loving toward others?

4) Are other’s loving toward me?

5) Or do I need some more practice giving and receiving love?

❤️ Here are some resources to help ❤️

If ya like to read, I suggest — Eric Fromm’s “The Art to Loving”, Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”, or Harriet Lerner’s “The Dance of Intimacy”.

If ya like to listen, I suggest — Thai Gibson’s Youtube Channel.

If you prefer Instagram — @notesfromyourtherapist, @bunnymichael, @nedratawwab, @createthelove

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